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Triumph of the Will of the People

June 30, 2010

She would have loved Palin.

“Mama Grizzlies eat their young” – Shannyn Moore

Not quite sure what to make of this self congratulatory video…  but there’s a bit of a Leni Riefenstahl feeling about it..

There’s a Palin voice over in the grizzly video “To respect the will of the people” – well Fmr. Gov. Palin – you and your ideas lost the election. The will of the people is a progressive democratic future.  I didn’t personally vote for Obama but saying that 18% of the population (and that’s being generous) is the “WILL” of the people is just plain stupid.

Obama’s polling is in the shitter right now but it’s nowhere in the 18% range. You’re going to have to do better than a over produced youtube video to win this country over to your insanity.

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