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AK Dem Party Raising money separately for Scott McAdams?

August 31, 2010

#JustSayin – Is this normal? Will they really give him access to this? Or are they just trying to raise money for the statewide party on his name? Where were they 2 weeks ago before he become the most important candidate in this mid-term election?

Normally I wouldn’t be suspicious of this activity from a state party, because normally the state supports it’s candidates. Normal, though, doesn’t really have any place in Alaska elections… especially in this election. The fact that the party didn’t step up to quell the dangerous rumors of a candidate switcheroo makes me wonder if he has the true support of the state party. Scott used the very important words “we will win” the other night. The italics were his emphasis. The members of the party from Begich to Hollis French all have given Scott there support but I have heard little from the state party.

If McAdams can win this, and I think he can, he’ll need the party behind him. I’m from out of state so I’m getting a quick crash course in AK politics but I’ve seen this before in my home state of NY. A friend of mine Jonathan Tasini, ( is having the similar problems in NYC. The old Democratic guard gets frightened by change.

As a NY’er in Alaska, we’ll take McAdams as an apology for the other small town Mayor you tried to give us. The lower 48 is quickly realizing what a terrific progressive candidate Alaska Scott McAdams would be – and what an amazing Senator he could become.

We’ll even try to send you an extra couple of bucks to take on the Tea Party.

Send him to DC and when you come down here we won’t ask you if you know Sarah Palin, we’ll thank you for giving Senator McAdams.

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